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Adult Male and Female Pair

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I've been interested in this species of geckos since I heard of them - they are another species from New Caledonia and require very similiar care to my other geckos. Compared to my cresteds and gargoyles they're tiny little geckos but fun to handle as they (usually) prefer to clutch tightly to a finger or branch than run or jump about! I really like the way they look too, their unique scales and yellow skin peeking through make them appear almost prehistoric (though personally I think they look most like they're covered in cobblestones, hence their names).

My animals are an unrelated, proven adult pair hatched around August of 2007 and purchased from Emily Cook of Cook Reptiles. One is a European import and the other was produced by Derek Wong of Shoebox Reptiles. Both had been breeding readily during the summers for Emily and I am hopeful to have babies of my own this year! I very eagerly anticipated the arrival of this pair, I am thrilled to have this species! They have started producing for me in late spring of 2013 and in the future I hopefully will do some hatchling/bloodline trades with other breeders to continue increasing the number of animals available in the hobby. I see them becoming increasingly common as their popularity grows. Incubating eggs the size of tic-tacs is already an adventure, I can't wait to see what hatches out of them!

Sub-Adult Male

I had to snag this gecko when I saw him for sale, as I had already admired him for a long time. He is the most interesting looking gecko of this species that I have ever seen, with his scales in various shades of green and high contrast patterning. I named him for one of the most famous cobblestone streets in America, Acorn Street in Boston, Massachusetts. It is covered in gorgeous ancient cobblestones in green hues, much like this gecko! I can't wait to breed him to see if his color or patterning passes on, and am on the lookout for a suitable female for him.

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