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Adult Male

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Artemis (or "RT") is the first tortoise I have ever owned, and I enjoy him immensely! He was hatched on June 26, 2010, and came to live with me September 14th. I have wanted a tortoise for a long time and am thrilled to finally have one. He is a very entertaining little guy and full of personality. He makes it known when he is displeased with anything - from his lunch being late, not enough of his favorite greens, or being woken from a nap. But he's also curious and good to handle, therefore making a great "tortoise ambassador" for folks who haven't been around one before! Artemis eats a varied organic diet composed mainly of a mix of spring greens including escarole, curly endive, romaine, oak, and leaf lettuces, as well as occasional dandelion greens, and his ultimate favorites - raddichio and butternut squash!

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