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Constant Latitude Line | Glowstick Line | Knabstrup Line | Smaug Line | Whipped Cream Line

Future Projects: Kuiper Line | Lava Flow Line | Ring of Fire Line

Page Under MAJOR Construction

Below are listed my own personal lines and the geckos for each project. I have worked hard to refine my lines down to specific animals in order to fulfill the goals for each line. Not every animal in my collection is listed here as some are just pairs, but you can find most of them who are in planned breeding projects. :) In the future, animals produced from these lines will be listed for sale as such (hypothetical example: "Rave", lavender harlequin from the "Glowstick Line"). If you'd like to be put on the waitlist for any particular line, please visit the contact page and email me with your name and which line(s) you're interested in. Waitlisted people will have first dibs on any released offspring, in order of contact. Thanks for looking!

Sire: Humperdink

Dam: Meela..................................................Dam: Asterisk

What has nice parallel lines? Our earth, with its constant latitude lines that circle it from east to west, and pinstripe crested geckos! I have a wonderful 100% pinstripe crowned lavender and cream male to base this project off of, and two lovely ladies who I think will complement him brilliantly. The girls are also lavender and cream, they are high percentage pinners, and both have already produced lovely 100% pinner babies in the past for previous owners (and not even with full pinstripe males)! This will be my first pinstripe project and I have hope that I may hatch out some full pinstripes my first season. Also, since these geckos are all lavender and creams, they will probably be mixed and matched in the future with the geckos in the next listed project ("Glowstick Line"). I have a lot of options for these geckos and look forward to exploring them.

Sire: Inigo

Dam: Liebchen..................................................Dam: Panic

This project was named for the almost blinding glowing cream present on these spotless animals and their offspring. Inigo alone looks as if I could use him as my personal glowstick at a rave! :) In late 2011 these pairings were made for the first time. From Liebchen I received 5 healthy, beautiful babies, and from Panic I also recieved 5. They are all outstanding and look like clones (or better!) of their parents. They will be cornerstone animals when fully mature. 2 from each dam went to a friend from the Pangea Forums that I collaborated with for this project originally. However, that left me with 6 babies, all who turned into creamy high contrast, heavily marked tri-colors with several extreme harlequins. Now that I have (painfully) decided who I can bear to part with, I'm keeping 2 and the rest went up for sale! I do plan to repeat the pairings in this project at some point in the future, I wasn't disappointed with any of the offspring.

My offspring from Round One of this project:
(Liebchen) "Late Lee" - sold, "Surprising Lee" - holdback, "Last Lee" - sold
(Panic) "Hobbes" - sold, "Susie" - for sale, "The Flash" - holdback

Sire: Pongo

Dam: Anita..................................................Dam: Robin

I named this line after an often wildly-marked breed of horse, the Knabstrup. They can be completely covered in black "leopard" spots, usually with a white or light base color. If Pongo were a horse, this would be his breed! With Anita's very light yellow color and Pongo's unique cream base, I aim to produce some very light yellow/cream dalmations. I also plan to try and breed him to Robin since she is up to breeding weight this year, so I'm bound to get some red dalmations in the mix too. I look forward to seeing what colors come out of these pairings and hope Pongo's *super* dalmation status carries over into his kids. Both females are spotted decently as well so I am crossing my fingers for quite a few nice spotties!

Sire: Frank

Dam: Hida..................................................Dam: Pâté

It only seemed fitting to name this project after a famous red dragon, "Smaug the Magnificent" of J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit". Gargoyle geckos remind me of dragons in general, and this line will be made up of animals with red bases. I love Frank's base and banded pattern as well. He was bred to a black and white female once and his banding pattern passed on to all his offspring to some extent, so I expect when pairing him with red base females I'll have more little Franks - banded, red base gorgeousness. Hida comes from a very strong red genetic background so I have high expectations for that pairing. Pâté is a lighter red, almost pink, but I would like to see if that can be reproduced as well as it is very pretty.

Sire: Tenteki

Dam: Niji..................................................Dam: Kataburi

The geckos in this project are covered in cream, cream, and more cream! It's splotched all over their sides and reminds me of when you make real whipped cream amd don't use a big enough bowl - cream goes everywhere! Hence the name of the line. :) This may be the crested gecko project I am most excited about, I very carefully chose and acquired each animal specifically for it. There are some incredible genetics behind my cornerstone male, Tenteki, and Niji also comes from well-known, high-quality lines. They are all stand-out animals without any spots and if they produce offspring even half as nice as they are I will be thrilled. Both Nova and Kataburi are already proven with their previous owners so I have my fingers crossed that Tenteki can get the job done this year!

Kuiper Line | Lava Flow Line | Ring of Fire Line

Sire: Eos

Dam: Nyx..................................................Dam: Asteria

This will be my first project with a cornerstone male that I produced myself, and I could not be more proud of him! He is black as the night sky and I love his contrasting cream. I named the line after the Kuiper Belt, which is a region of the Solar System beyond the planets similar to the asteriod belt and full of many frozen objects. Dark and light! Very dark geckos are in high demand right now, but are quite elusive and difficult to produce. I hope this line will produce at least some percentage of dark offspring, as I know I'm rolling the genetic dice. Both females are from popular breeders with good lineage and will have nice babies in whatever color they end up! I'm crossing my fingers though since Nyx has one very dark parent and Asteria comes from dark lines as well. Eos actually does not come from dark parents but both times I've bred his parents they have produced several dark offspring (him being the darkest), so I figure there must be dark in his lines somewhere.

Sire: Brooklyn..................................................Sire: Pelée

Dam: Etna..................................................Dam: Koryaksky

Dam: Vesuvius

One of my most anticipated gargoyle project is this one. I have carefully picked all the animals for this line and they are all absolutely outstanding! All have been named after famous volcanos with large eruptions (except Brooklyn who is known for his name so I don't want to change it). Though it is fairly self explanatory, I've named this line "Lava Flow" because I imagine bright orange and red lava flowing down the slopes of mountains after they erupt, just like the lines on the backs of these geckos.

Brooklyn is an older male who is proven for several well-known breeders, always producing high-color offspring - even with black and white females! Pelée is from a very nice red striped line that is known for producing high color offspring, him being one of them. And the girls, oh the girls! They are absolutely fabulous from amazing bloodlines and I am SO thrilled to be adding them to my collection. I expect red bases to develop on at least two of them, but if not their stripes are fantastic by themselves. If everyone is up to weight in 2015, I am tentatively planning to breed Brooklyn to Etna and Vesuvius, and Pelée to Koryaksky. The fun part is, I have quite a few combinations for these gargoyles in the future to find out which pairs work the best together. I look forward to my "mix and match" experimenting!

Sire: Krakatoa

Dam: Porkchop..................................................Dam: Tambora

These fantastic geckos are covered with various sizes of red and orange blotches. The line name "Ring of Fire" has to do with their super blotching and color, and again they are obviously named after suitable volcanos! Krakatoa and Tambora are both from European lines so I am excited to bring some fresh blood into American gargoyles. I hope Tambora's red base passes on, but even if not she has oustanding blotching! I still am on the lookout for additional geckos for this line, but feel that I could have great success in 2014 with just these three. I hope Krakatoa starts packing on the grams, because he's currently the smallest of the bunch!

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