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Adult Female

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I acquired Páyos ("PAH-yos") in the summer of 2012 and she is my first legless reptile! Her name means "snake" in the Nez Perce language - a tribe native to the Pacific Northwest and mainly Idaho, some of the same states where her species can be found. I have wanted a rubber boa for many years but they are quite hard to get ahold of. When I found this lovely lady come available, I jumped on it!

Páyos is unfortunately wild caught, but that was many owners ago - the person I bought her from had in fact rescued her orginally and rehabbed her before finding her a new home. Apparently she was in pretty poor shape. You can see that she is not a "perfect specimen" as a result, but I think she's beautiful. She is not just a plain brown snake to me, but a fashionable accessory (boa bracelet!) and her attitude can't be beat. These snakes are very docile and never strike as a defense - my Páyos is a perfect example of those qualities. She's also quite easy to keep as a nocturnal and primarily fossorial species. She requires the same temps as my geckos - cool room temperature (no heating or lighting needed for this snake)!

To my great sadness, Páyos passed away unexpectedly and of unknown causes hardly a year after I acquired her. Not knowing her history, it may have simply been age. I will be leaving her page up to raise awareness for what I feel is an under-appreciated species rarely found in collections, and to pay tribute to my first snake. RIP Páyos, you are missed.

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