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Sub-Adult Male and Female Pair

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Closely related to the Crested Gecko and recently classfied in the same genus is the Slender Prehensile-Tailed Gecko, or Correlophus sarasinorum. They are a much lesser known and quite underpopularized species of the larger New Caledonian geckos although they eat the same diet and have very similar care requirements to the more popular species. I wanted to add "saras" (as they are commonly referred to as) to my collection for awhile, but I didn't think I'd be getting any as they can be hard to find - especially nice pairs! I purchased my pair in late spring of 2013 with the female as a sub-adult and the male nearly grown. My male was produced by Phillipe de Vosjoli of Giantgeckos.com and is the classic dark brown morph most commonly seen in the species. On the other hand, the female is a less-common light or "blonde" morph with the freckled trait, from unknown lines (she was purchased at a Repticon show in Chicago). Her color is uncommon, but what makes her truly unique is the giant "paradox" spot on her left side - basically a black spot that has randomly occurred and makes her quite a rare specimen. She also has a smaller spot on the back of her neck. It will be interesting to see if any of her offspring inherit this unusual trait.

This species is known for being quite flighty, but with the potential to tame down enough to make good pets. These two are both very calm when handled already. In fact, they were the favorite animals in the widely varied collection of their previous owner because of their awesome personalities! I decided to name them from one of my favorite book series, The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. There are three islands in the Eastern Ocean of Narnia known as the Lone Islands. One is Felimath - a quiet, rural pasture island, and another is Avra - a slightly more mountainous and home to many estates of the wealthy. In fact, Duke Bern's estate is there (the ruler of the islands), and so I have named Avra's giant spot Bern! I felt that such a unique and stand-out trait deserved its own name. When both of these geckos are up to the proper weight I plan to attempt breeding them, though they are somewhat notoriously more difficult to consistently get eggs from than other species.

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